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Belle Automata Press Kit

Webflow Belle Automata Website Page Designs (1920 × 1080 px) (29).png
Webflow Belle Automata Website Page Designs (1920 × 1080 px) (29).png


Jellyfish Parade

Release Dates:

March 3, 2023 - Chronicle I

TBD - Chronicle II

TBD - Chronicle III


Steam (DRM-free)

Standard Pricing:

Base Game + Chronicle I - $19.99

Chronicle 2 - $7.50

Chronicle 3 - $7.50

Full Bundle - $34.99






Aureve is content with a life of weaving silk tapestries - that is until her former master passes away. At risk of being scrapped, she is purchased by a mysterious benefactor who has outfitted their home to act as a refuge for rogues, aka sentient androids. Surrounded by many new faces, Aureve must face the future and answer the question once and for all: how does one weave a new identity when strings to the old have been cut? Guide Aureve through situations navigating self-acceptance, purpose, autonomy, grief, friendship, and love all in this sci-fi visual novel loosely inspired by lore of the likes of Cupid & Psyche, The Wizard of Oz, and more.


Developed and published by Jellyfish Parade, Belle Automata is their 6th studio title. What originally was meant to be a game with only 2 romantic options, as interest grew in Belle Automata, so did the cast and its scope. Belle Automata is made possible by our Dec 2021 Kickstarter campaign in conjunction with additional capital from our funding partners, WINGS Fund and The Galaxy Fund.


  • Romance 6 unique love interests

  • Full English voice acting

  • 18 different endings

  • 30 high-fidelity CGs to collect in your gallery

  • 23 original tracks composed by Jessinia Saunders

About Jellyfish Parade

Jellyfish Parade is a US-based visual novel studio dedicated to creating ethnically diverse otome games that'll turn your heart to jelly! We believe centering diversity, inclusion, and nuanced representation will foster positive change and a greater sense of empathy in the industry and world.

Logos + Key Art

Belle Automata logo
Jellyfish Parade logo pink
Jellyfish Parade logo blue
Belle Automata Key Art


Belle Automata screenshot 1
Belle Automata CG
Belle Automata Screenshot 2
Belle Automata Screenshot 3
Belle Automata Screenshot 4

Belle Automata Credits

Jessinia Saunders, Jellyfish Parade

Director, Writer, Programmer, and Mixing Engineer

Qadira Al-Mahi, Jellyfish Parade

Producer, Narrative Designer, Community Manager, and Web Designer

Shannon Chou, Independent

Writer - Diego, Zaffre

J.Cocco, Independent


Zerov0id, Independent

Voice Actor - Aureve


Tareek Talati, Independent

Voice Actor - Diego

Brandon P. Jenkins, Independent

Voice Actor - Victor

Noah Belachew, Independent

Voice Actor - The Nightmare Prince

Jerron Bacat, Independent

Voice Actor - Zaffre

Davon Oliver, Independent

Voice Actor - Klaus

Maximus Singleton, Independent

Voice Actor - Roman

Matt Dear, Matt Dear Game Audio

Audio Engineer

Goya Munoz, Independent

Art - Background

AnankeKeirin, Independent

Art - Sprites

Sapphire, Independent

Art - CGs

Ssaxifrage, Independent

Art - GUI

Aeriel G.C., Foxdrift Studios


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