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Frequently Asked Questions

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Webflow Belle Automata Website Page Designs (1920 × 1080 px) (29).png


Jellyfish Parade

Release Dates:

March 3, 2023 - Chronicle I

TBD - Chronicle II

TBD - Chronicle III


Steam (DRM-free)

Standard Pricing:

Base Game + Chronicle I - $19.99

Chronicle 2 (DLC) - $7.50

Chronicle 3 (DLC) - $7.50

Full Bundle - $34.99





Where will Belle Automata be available?

We will release each Chronicle simultaneously on Steam and Other platforms are currently being explored.

What platforms will it be released for?

PC, Mac, and Linux. Wishlist us on Steam or

What features will it have?

  • Romance 6 unique love interests

  • Full English voice acting

  • +330K words of content

  • 18 different endings

  • 30 high-fidelity CGs to collect in your gallery

  • 23 original tracks composed by Jessinia Saunders

Will it be free or commercial?

Belle Automata is a commercial project. The base game, which includes the prologue and Chronicle I, will retail at $19.99 USD. The following Chronicles, II and III, will be released separately as DLC retailing at $7.50 USD each. You can try the free demo here.

What are Chronicles?

To ship the game faster, we've split the release up into 3 Chronicles. Each Chronicle contains 2 playable routes featuring +100K words, 10 CGs, full English voice acting, and music from our original soundtrack. All the stories are concurrent and all love interests will be romanceable.

What's the release order?

  • Mar 3, 2023 - Chronicle I  - Victor & The Nightmare Prince

  • TBD - Chronicle 2 - Diego & Zaffre

  • TBD - Chronicle 3 = Klaus & Roman


There's no official play order, but we recommend saving Roman for last.

Are there any content warnings?

This game contains depictions of internalized ableism, negative body image, potential major character death and brief flashing of lights. The light transitions which can be turned off in the settings. Player discretion is advised.

Do you have a video/streaming policy?

Yes! We are thankful to everyone who wants to do 'Let's Play' streams and videos of our games. Please tag us on Twitter @jelpiparade or feel free to post links in the comment section on store pages. However, you may not record and post videos online of our games without commentary.

What languages does this game support?

Belle Automata only supports English language, and there are no plans to localize it to other languages currently, but this may change in the future. No unsolicited localization service pitches will be entertained.

I found a bug! What do I do?

Good eye, Tuck! Hop on over to our Discord server and put a screenshot and a brief explanation of the bug in the #bug-reports. Be sure to use the appropriate spoiler tags.

How can I support Belle Automata further?

Glad you asked! If you enjoyed Belle Automata, the best thing you can do is leave a positive review on Steam! Your great reviews help us reach even more players, so we appreciate your support! Tell your friends, too!


If you'd like to take things a step further, fill out our Exit Survey. Your feedback will help us create even better gaming experiences in the future, and you'll get a shot at winning a free Chronicle II key!

If you're going for superstar support status, you can play and positively review our other commercial and free games, and you can pledge on Patreon or buy us a ko-fi to support our next game!

Are you recruiting for future projects?

Thank you for your interest in Jellyfish Parade! We are not currently recruiting, but join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter for news regarding future opportunities.

About Jellyfish Parade

Jellyfish Parade is a US-based visual novel studio dedicated to creating ethnically diverse otome games that'll turn your heart to jelly! We believe centering diversity, inclusion, and nuanced representation will foster positive change and a greater sense of empathy in the industry and world.

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